Pray for transformative radio across the world

A collection of the latest prayer points from other partners across the Feba project map as we move towards the end of January.

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SUNDAY 22nd January

Zimbabwe: Feba Zimbabwe currently visits Karanda Mission Hospital every month to train and encourage the staff of the hospital radio station. Please pray for the chaplains who run the station, as they develop their skills and broadcast content.

MONDAY 23rd January

Zimbabwe: Pray for more volunteers to be mobilised to help with the hospital radio project, and for more direct involvement from the hospital staff.

TUESDAY 24th January

First Response Radio: The FRR team have scheduled training in disaster preparedness for Feba Pakistan in the Spring. Please pray that this training will be effective.

WEDNESDAY 25th January

Bangladesh: Bangladesh is a very difficult place for our partners to work and, indeed, to be a believer at all. Seekers from the majority religion have to overcome a lot of barriers to find out more about Jesus. Please pray for anyone in this position.

THURSDAY 26th January

Bangladesh: Pray for RMB’s programmes, which combine content on everyday life issues with discussion of spiritual matters and exploration of scripture.

FRIDAY 27th January

Bangladesh: Pray for RMB’s follow-up team, who add a crucial element to the radio broadcasts in seeing listeners’ lives changed.

SATURDAY 28th January

Northeast Africa: Pray for radio projects that help enable the set-up of house churches and the discipleship of new believers; that God will protect the teams as they work in these difficult places.