Using short-wave radio, our partners have a vision to see people, families and communities transformed through Gospel-rich messages.

With significant restrictions on media and religious broadcasts in the Horn of Africa, this is not an easy region to achieve that dream.  Please join us this week in prayer; offering prayers for the team and for the success of their programmes. 

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Have 1 minute 24 seconds to spare?  Watch our short video on our work in Africa.

SUNDAY 15th January

Thank God that radio is able to connect with people who do not read but gain information by listening. Pray that our producers will be inspired with creativity as they write new programmes.

MONDAY 16th January

The region is struggling with famine and a high risk of starvation for millions of people. Please pray for relief to reach people in time and for long term solutions to be found.

TUESDAY 17th January

Please pray for team members when they go on visits to listeners in remote area. Pray for protection as they travel, for wisdom as they listen and courage as they speak

WEDNESDAY 18th January

Please pray for the team members who live in an area where there is widespread persecution. Please pray for the safety of our team and their families.

THURSDAY 19th January

Please pray for those handling the large number of phone calls each day. Pray for wisdom so that they know which callers to spend most time with. Pray too for wise words for them as they respond to questions and comments.

FRIDAY 20th January

Please pray for our partners as they try and find ways to connect with people groups that have very little access to advice and information by media.

SATURDAY 21th January

Please pray for those who have decided to follow Jesus thanks to the work of our partners. These new followers may face insults and persecution – please pray for courage for them.