Hospital radio 

After a great deal of hard work and preparation, the radio studio at Karanda Mission Hospital is now fully equipped. The programmes have the potential to reach thousands of people with important health advice and Christian teaching.

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SUNDAY 10th January

Praise God that the studio at Karanda Mission Hospital in northern Zimbabwe is now complete; pray for the final stages, that everything would come together before the official launch of this exciting new project.

MONDAY 11th January

Give thanks for the chaplains at the hospital who were recently trained in radio production by Feba Zimbabwe. Please pray the team will soon see the fruit of this training.

TUESDAY 12th January

Pray that God would continue to guide the chaplains in their work, equipping them to bring godly change to their hospital community and the families of patients. Pray also that the chaplains will share the love of God with passion and sensitivity.

WEDNESDAY 13th January

Please pray for the longevity of the hospital radio project; that the team running the station will set it up in such a way that it will be sustainable and reach thousands of people over many years.

THURSDAY 14th January

Please pray for Kurai, Feba Zimbabwe’s National Director; for inspiration, perseverance and strategy to fulfil his vision and calling.

FRIDAY 15th January

Pray for the political climate in Zimbabwe; that greater freedom of expression and economic stability will soon be achieved. Pray also that Zimbabwe’s leaders will look with favour on the work of Karanda Mission Hospital.

SATURDAY 16th January

Pray for an improvement in Zimbabwe’s economy, so the people will be lifted out of poverty and, because of this, find their health improves dramatically.