*Iraq FM broadcasts to a diverse audience, offering contributors a neutral forum to discuss issues.

Despite the lingering threat of extremist groups in some areas of the country, the *Iraq FM team are persevering in their ministry and recently celebrated the station’s seventh anniversary. 

*station name changed for security reasons. 

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SUNDAY 8th January

Iraq’s media environment remains highly polarised by political and sectarian differences. Pray that, in this context, *Iraq FM’s apolitical stance will be greeted as a refreshing change by a growing audience.

MONDAY 9th January

There are ongoing legal procedures to complete the registration of *Iraq FM under the local partner. Pray for these procedures to be completed quickly.

TUESDAY 10th January

*Iraq FM celebrated its seventh anniversary in September. Give thanks for this milestone and for the many lives God has touched through the station’s work.

WEDNESDAY 11th January

Today is Human Trafficking Awareness Day. Pray for the Iraqi people displaced by violent extremism; that these vulnerable people will be protected from being exploited by traffickers.

THURSDAY 12th January

Give thanks for an initiative by a Christian group to clean up the city streets and to set up a clinic. *Iraq FM is using its radio broadcasts to support the group’s work.

FRIDAY 13th January

Give thanks for the listener who recently accepted Jesus through *Iraq FM. One of the team members has since met with him to encourage him in his newfound faith.

SATURDAY 14th January

The station is dealing with a real challenge regarding money. The team are hugely grateful for the support they receive from Feba UK, but they are looking for new income streams locally, to ensure the station’s sustainability. Please pray about this.