Sierra Leone was declared free from Ebola last Spring. But in the aftermath of the epidemic, the country faces significant challenges to return to normality. Our local partners are helping communities to find solutions to the problems that they face.


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SUNDAY 1st January

Happy New Year! Praise God that Sierra Leone is free from Ebola, and slowly recovering in the wake of the epidemic, which wreaked havoc on the country and its neighbours. Pray for this recovery to continue.

MONDAY 2nd January

Ebola has left a painful legacy. Survivors must contend with a huge social stigma. Many have ongoing health problems. The health system is widely mistrusted and the epidemic is commonly seen as a divine punishment. Pray that we and our partners will play a significant role in addressing these issues.

TUESDAY 3rd January

Our partners are contributing to Sierra Leone’s recovery, using a listening and strengths based approach (called SALT) to help communities find solutions to the challenges they are facing. Pray that this approach will continue to empower people to create change.

WEDNESDAY 4th January

Give thanks for local radio station Believers Broadcasting Network (BBN), which is sharing audio content to address the expressed needs of community members, discuss solutions to the challenges faced and give hope to the listeners of Freetown.

THURSDAY 5th January

We are delighted about the tangible differences we are already seeing, as a result of our partners’ community engagement. For example, one township has a new road that was built by the community and water supplies have been improved in another area. Give thanks for these changes.

FRIDAY 6th January

Pray for the planned serial radio drama, addressing issues raised by the community conversations. Pray that this serial will be of a high quality and effective in tackling relevant issues.

SATURDAY 7th Janaury

Give thanks that BBN is using radio to amplify the voices of local people. This both puts pressure on authorities to take action on important issues, and encourages listeners that they can help find solutions to the challenges they face.