*Iraq FM produces community-focused programmes, helping to address the issues facing the different neighbourhoods in their area, improving people's quality of life and bringing understanding among those of different faiths.

SUNDAY 6th October

Please join with our partners at *Iraq FM in praying for five listeners to accept Jesus as their Lord and Saviour in the next six months. Please pray that ears will hear, eyes will be opened and hearts will be ready to receive the truth about Jesus and accept the salvation he freely offers to all those who put their faith and trust in him.

MONDAY 7th October

The team in Iraq is exploring new ministry opportunities in a strategic location in the south of the country. Please pray for God’s guidance and protection as the team looks to find Christian staff and volunteers to lead this outreach and engage new audiences with the gospel.

TUESDAY 8th October

There is an urgent need for more volunteers to give their time to produce programmes on *Iraq FM and be part of the follow-up team. Please pray for wisdom and discernment in finding the right people who can be trained to produce content that will connect with listeners and inspire them to become followers of Jesus.

WEDNESDAY 9th October

There are many day-to-day challenges facing the team at *Iraq FM. Please pray for spiritual encouragement and the guidance of the Holy Spirit as they go about serving and sharing the love of Jesus with people in their neighbourhood who remain steadfast in their belief in Islam.

THURSDAY 10th October

Listeners are often attracted to messages conveying God’s love, but very few have the courage to put their faith and trust in Jesus because of fears of discrimination, persecution and rejection by their family and friends. Please pray that God’s spirit will enable them to overcome their fears and experience true freedom in Christ Jesus (Gal. 5:1).

FRIDAY 11th October

Praise God for the partnerships the radio station has fostered with Pastor M and Pastor J. Please pray for more opportunities to partner with Christian leaders in Iraq. There is an urgent need to connect with more house churches that are able to provide a safe place to welcome and disciple new converts in their faith.

SATURDAY 12th October

*Iraq FM is working on new programme ideas to refresh and reinvigorate their weekly schedule to reach a wider audience. Please pray for inspiration and creativity and for the gospel to always remain at the heart of everything they broadcast and discuss on radio and via social media.

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