*Iraq FM produces community-focused programmes, helping to address the issues facing the different neighbourhoods in their area, improving people's quality of life and bringing understanding among those of different faiths.

SUNDAY 23rd June

The team has the opportunity to open a new station in a major city in 2020. Please pray that they will be granted a licence to broadcast in this city.

MONDAY 24th June

The team now has the ability to host a four-hour morning show, five days a week, with a full programme of news, weather, sports and the message. Please give thanks to God for providing the resources to do this – and that more people now have the opportunity to hear the broadcasts.

TUESDAY 25th June

Our partner broadcasts a live programme, specifically for children, which the team believes is working to help build a new generation that believes in God’s love and salvation plan. Please pray for the children in Iraq, that they can listen to the programme and respond to the message.


Please give thanks that the team is beginning to record the first Kurdish Sorani (a Kurdish language, spoken in Iraq) audio Bible and please pray that Kurdish Christians with the right skills and experience will join the team, as announcers, so that live shows can be broadcast.

THURSDAY 27th June

Please pray about the overall political situation in the Middle East, especially tensions concerning Iran. Please pray for peace and for the safety of the team and anyone who may be impacted by any military conflict.

FRIDAY 28th June

Please give thanks that a member of the team has just finished recording the four Gospels and the Book of Acts. Please pray for the next piece of work, recording Paul’s letter to the Romans, that the process will go smoothly and that the recordings will be clear. These are all powerful resources for the ministry; please pray that listeners will respond when they hear these spoken words of God.

SATURDAY 29th June

Please pray for both the Iraqi and Syrian diasporas – that they are able to listen to and engage with the team’s digital channels – and that the messages they hear touch their hearts and encourage them.