*Iraq FM produces community focused programmes, helping to address the issues facing the different neighbourhoods in their area, improving people’s quality of life and bringing understanding among those of different faiths.

SUNDAY 14th October

Please pray for safety in the cities in Iraq as public life outside is unstable and the army is increasing its presence.

MONDAY 15th October

*Iraq FM recently invited listeners to visit the station for an anniversary celebration. Give thanks for this opportunity to meet together despite the security situation.

TUESDAY 16th October

Please pray for the staff at *Iraq FM. There is ongoing pressure to emigrate and seek safer and more prosperous opportunities elsewhere. Please ask God to give them wisdom and spiritual discernment as they make decisions for themselves and their families.

WEDNESDAY 17th October

Give thanks that programme producers at *Iraq FM have recently launched some new programmes in the schedule. Pray that these will be well received by listeners, and open up opportunities for interaction beyond the broadcasts.

THURSDAY 18th October

Please pray for those who have lost their livelihoods due to the conflict. Pray for the radio programmes which seek to help and inspire them in their situation and provide a platform for them to share their stories.

FRIDAY 19th October

Several people have encouraged the *Iraq FM station manager to record the Bible in his voice. So far he has recorded Luke chapters 1-9. The audio files are made available online and will be used by *Iraq FM. Please pray for him as he continues this project.

SATURDAY 20th October

Give thanks for the listeners who have been helped by the programmes they have heard on *Iraq FM, and the friendship they feel with the programme presenters as they listen to them on air.