*Iraq FM broadcasts to several urban populations across the country, producing community-focused programmes that share a Christian approach to the issues facing many of the diverse ethnic groups living in present-day Iraq.

SUNDAY 8th November 

The Iraqi population is feeling even more vulnerable with the continuing rise in COVID-19 cases. ISIS has reappeared bringing with it the spirit of fear and oppression. Please pray specifically for areas such as Salah El Din and Karkouk where ISIS is targeting. ‘May God arise, may his enemies be scattered; may his foes flee before him.’ (Psalm  68:1).

MONDAY 9th November  

As the COVID-19 pandemic is set to get far worse in the coming winter months, please pray for those who are particularly vulnerable to the virus will be shielded in Jesus’ Name. Please remember the team at Iraq FM and their families and ask for good health and God’s protection over everything they are doing to keep the radio station running and serving local communities in great need at this time. 

TUESDAY 10th November  

Please pray for two listeners, Abbas and Ali who are currently being followed up and ministered to by the team over the phone. Thank God for their openness to read the Bible and pray with members of the team. Pray that God’s word will become firmly rooted in their lives and they will become true followers of Jesus Christ.

WEDNESDAY 11th November  

Praise God for sending a new person to join the team recently who has a real heart for reaching men with the good news of Jesus. Please pray he will have many opportunities to use his gifts to bring the Bible to life and come up with programme ideas that engage effectively with men listening to Iraq FM.

THURSDAY 12th November  

Please pray for listener O* from Jordan and listener U* from Egypt who are listening the programmes on Facebook. They have both asked for prayer as they seek to get to know and put their trust in Jesus. We thank God for the opportunities to broadcast programmes on Facebook as this is attracting new audiences both in Iraq and other countries in the Arab world. 

FRIDAY 13th November 

The team is seeking a committed Christian woman to volunteer to follow up several women listeners who are seeking and asking questions about the Christian faith. Please pray that the right person will come forward to assist with this vital ministry.

SATURDAY 14th November 

One of the key members of the team on Iraq FM will be leaving this month due to special circumstances. There is now an urgent need to find and train someone to replace him. Please pray for God to guide the team as they seek a suitable person to take on this important role.

* For the sake of security, some of the real names of people, projects or programmes have been changed or omitted.