Feba India works to reach different audiences including women, rural communities and young people. As they engage with local communities, helping to address their issues and raise their concerns through the radio programmes, listeners are empowered to make positive changes in their lives.

SATURDAY 1st December

Please pray for the safety of women and girls in North India which is a major concern for many communities. Pray that, through the radio programmes, there would be raised awareness both of the value and vulnerability of women. Pray too, that women would know their rights, and that communities would see the implementation of laws for their protection.

SUNDAY 2nd December

Today is the start of Advent and we especially want to give thanks for hope that is found through the coming of Christ. Thank God for listeners in North India who have found hope through what they have heard in the radio programmes, and for life transformation which is seen in significant changes in attitudes and behaviour.

MONDAY 3rd December

Please pray for young people who are facing many different challenges in their lives. Pray for those who are misguided by anti-social elements in society resulting in mob mentality and behaviour. Pray for the impact of the Udaan radio programmes which work to address issues affecting young people.

TUESDAY 4th December

Please pray for a listener who has married a widower and is now the step-mother to three children by his first wife. She is finding this situation difficult. Please pray that God would help her care for her family.

WEDNESDAY 5th December

Give thanks for the tremendous response from listeners to activities which Feba India have been able to include in their radio projects. Give thanks too, for individual believers and churches supporting Feba India in prayer.

THURSDAY 6th December

Please pray for a listener who left her husband after domestic abuse and returned to her parents. Now her parents have died she is very lonely and contacted Feba India. She has received counselling and also has learned of her rights as a married woman, which she is pursuing through a legal procedure. Please pray that she will receive what is due to her and that she would continue her contact with Feba India staff.

FRIDAY 7th December

Please pray for the many listener conferences which are planned for different areas during December and January. Pray for help and guidance for the teams as they arrange the conferences, and for their safety and health during this time.

SATURDAY 8th December

Give thanks for the West Bengal teams who are producing programmes for the Women’s Initiative project. The teams are led by women and they spend time in women’s projects in the communities they serve.