Feba India works to reach different audiences including women, rural communities and young people. As they engage with local communities, helping to address their issues and raise their concerns through the radio programmes, listeners are empowered to make positive changes in their lives.

SUNDAY 10th May 

Please pray for Feba India’s programme producers who are having to adapt quickly to working from home in often cramped surroundings with limited resources. We thank God for technology that allows our teams to stay connected and continue to broadcast a range of programmes via Zoom, mobile phone apps and the internet.

MONDAY 11th May

We thank God for all the volunteers from local churches who have been trained by Feba India in radio production. We also remember the field coordinators, follow-up workers and other organisations who partner with Feba’s indigenous teams. Please ask God to be their refuge and protection whenever they feel frightened or vulnerable (Psalm 91).

TUESDAY 12th May

Due to Covid-19 and the nationwide lockdown across India, our partners have had to cancel all their listener group meetings. Please pray for all the listeners who previously met regularly to listen to the programmes together and discuss the content and issues raised afterwards.


Please pray for the many churches and Christian groups that regularly pray and support the mission and ministry of Feba India. With many churches closed in response to the pandemic, please pray that existing relationships will be strengthened and new relationships formed as churches look for more online resources to engage and stay connected with their congregations.


A growing outreach of Feba India is the distribution of Speaker Boxes. These small audio devices play a selection of evangelistic programmes and worship music. We Praise God for the hubs that have distributed these Speaker Boxes, especially among the poorest local communities and people groups. Many of these people are either not radio listeners or can’t listen to programmes when they are broadcast because of other commitments. Please pray for the people leading these hubs and ask God to help them find ways to stay connected with all the Speaker Box listeners during this very challenging and unsettling time.

FRIDAY 15th May 

We remember with love and thanksgiving the prayer partners who sacrificially and cheerfully support the ministry of Feba India throughout every season. Today, may we all be inspired and comforted by the story of Elijah and the widow of Zarephath in 1 Kings 17:7-16.


Please pray for wisdom, creativity, knowledge and insight for Feba’s production teams as they produce new programmes in response to the Covid-19 pandemic and create fresh opportunities to discuss issues and pray for each other online.