Aimed at helping women among the rural poor in North India, the Hamari Beriyan programmes address relevant practical and social issues, and educate both men and women on gender equality and women’s rights.

SUNDAY 7th October

Give thanks for the programmes for women living in rural North India that provide access to information such as the dowry system, dealing with domestic violence and the dangers of child marriage. Pray that this information will help women know their rights and become less vulnerable.

MONDAY 8th October

Many issues affect women living in rural North India including low income, poor health, limited access to education, information and services, and a lack of personal security. Give thanks for the use of media to help inform, educate and empower women, bringing transformation to their lives and their families.

TUESDAY 9th October

Please pray for the teams producing programmes about gender inequality and social injustice. Pray that their programmes would help communities treat women fairly and be informed and take action against exploitation and trafficking.

WEDNESDAY 10th October

Please pray for programmes addressing the issue of child marriages. Pray that despite the economic pressures that families face, they would refuse to send their girls to be married at such a young age.

THURSDAY 11th October

“I have learned from your programme about the importance of educating the girl child. I have decided that come what may, I will educate my daughters.” [Listener to Udaan programme, India.] On this International Day of the Girl Child, please pray that an increasing number of girls will be enrolled in education and have equal opportunities with their brothers.

FRIDAY 12th October

Access to healthcare in India varies depending on social status and geographic location. Give thanks for the radio programmes which give health information and advice on issues such as TB and malaria, as well as mental health issues and addiction.

SATURDAY 13th October

Please pray for the programmes which raise awareness of sex trafficking, that listeners would be able to better protect themselves and their girls, and that the information would spread as they share what they know in their communities.