Hamari Beriyan programmes broadcast in North India and The Women’s Initiative in West Bengal work to address the needs and concerns that particularly affect women.

SUNDAY 24th March

Please pray for the family of one of the regular listeners living in West Bengal. She passed away leaving her husband and two children. She was also a teacher and encouraged her colleagues and students to listen to the radio programmes. Please pray for those left behind that they would know God’s comfort and help at this time, and that listening to the programmes would help them find peace.

MONDAY 25th March

Please pray for the programme production teams which are located in various states. Pray that they would be strengthened and guided as they produce effective programmes to help address the needs of their communities.

TUESDAY 26th March

Give thanks for the listeners’ meetings that took place in Haryana and West Bengal in December in which 115 listeners attended and some shared about the impact of the radio programmes on their lives. More meetings were held in various places in February.

WEDNESDAY 27th March

One of the listeners in West Bengal is married to a man who drinks and fights with her. He was present as she was listening to a radio programme on this subject and felt challenged about his behaviour. He has promised not to drink anymore and so far has kept his word. Please pray that he would be free from this addiction and able to care for his family.

THURSDAY 28th March

Please pray for the listeners to the Hamari Beriyan programmes as they face different challenges in their lives – physical, social, and spiritual. Pray that they would be helped by what they hear and that they would find peace.

FRIDAY 29th March

Many students are sitting final exams from February through to April. Please pray for the young listeners to the programmes, that God would guide them and enable them during this time especially.

SATURDAY 30th March

Give thanks for the opportunities created by the internet, helping listeners to access programmes in their own time when they are too busy during broadcast time. Pray for those using mobile apps to receive audio files of the radio programmes and to chat with other listeners.

SUNDAY 31st March

Please pray for the Feba India staff and their families. Pray for their physical and emotional health, as well as their spiritual lives. Some of the issues they are trying to address through the programmes and follow up calls can be personally challenging.