Through radio programmes, CDs and literature, Gaweylon, our partner, addresses practical issues and contributes to the physical, social and spiritual wellbeing of the Tibetan diaspora communities in neighbouring countries.

SUNDAY 9th June

Please pray for the programming team. Recently, a Senior Producer left and the remaining Senior Producer has taken on more responsibility. Two new staff have joined the team and are being trained in script writing and voicing. Pray that they will quickly learn the needed skills and that the team will choose topics wisely to reach the audience effectively.

MONDAY 10th June

Many monks in monasteries listen to the programmes that Gaweylon broadcasts daily. The largest Tibetan settlements in India are in South India where many listen. Please pray that God will soften the hearts of these listeners.

TUESDAY 11th June

Please pray for the staff involved in following up with listeners. In March the team made visits to listener areas, met people and distributed literature and CD’s. Pray that the resources distributed will bless many and open new opportunities to share. Thank God for the many volunteers who helped to distribute resources in March and April – as over 250 parcels were posted to different locations.


The programmes can be heard across a vast area. Please pray that the programmes broadcast each day are heard clearly and will bless the Tibetan people in Tibet, India, Nepal and Bhutan. Pray that the people in closed countries and restricted areas such as Tibet will find encouragement and hope.

THURSDAY 13th June

Earlier this year, a lightning strike near to the Gaweylon office (where the studios are located) damaged a lot of equipment - in both the studio and office. Staff have been working hard to repair and replace damaged equipment and computers. Please ask that God will give wisdom and provide all that is needed.

FRIDAY 14th June

Please pray for the team members who prepare new resources audio/video CDs, literature for distribution to their audiences. The team are building up stocks for a distribution planned in October and November; please ask God for his blessing on this outreach.

SATURDAY 15th June

Gaweylon provides opportunities for young people to work in the team either part time or full time. This gives them an opportunity to study and work part time, thereby supporting themselves. They have the chance to learn new skills, work together in a team, and help staff with record-keeping and preparing resources. There are presently two in the team. Please pray that God will encourage them and help them learn new skills.