Through radio programmes, CDs and literature, the Gaweylon ministry addresses practical issues and contributes to the physical, social and spiritual wellbeing of the Tibetan diaspora communities in neighbouring countries.

SUNDAY 10th November

Please join us in praying for the Programming team as they daily prepare interesting and useful programmes for the Tibetan radio audience. Please give thanks for the two new members who joined the team a few months ago and are making good progress in script writing and presentation.

MONDAY 11th November

In October and November the Follow-up team is sending out over 700 letters with a health tract to listeners to reconnect with them. Please pray these will be well-received and will lead to positive engagement with the team. The team will also be posting over 150 parcels with literature and CD’s to listeners in India, Nepal and Bhutan. Please pray for the safe delivery of the letters and parcels and for strength for the team members helping in preparing and posting.

TUESDAY 12th November

In August the team started two new media initiatives to reach out to the Tibetan audience. They have now put their complete radio programmes on YouTube; this can be accessed by people where the internet is not restricted. Please join us in giving thanks as the response has been encouraging. The team has also produced a special USB Pen Drive with Gaweylon radio programmes, health features and videos for distribution. The radio programmes broadcast on shortwave radio are heard in Tibet, India, Nepal and Bhutan. Please pray that God will use the various media to bless and inspire people to follow Jesus Christ.

WEDNESDAY 13th November

An important part of the work is the Training and Mentoring Programme. The team gives part and full-time work experience opportunities to young men and women to learn new skills and work in a team. Some of them are studying in college or pursuing professional courses. Please pray for our six trainees, that they will quickly learn and apply the skills and guidance the team is giving them.

THURSDAY 14th November

We praise God that the reception of the radio programmes has been good and clear these past months without interference. As well as giving thanks, please pray that the reception will continue to be good and the programmes broadcast will be a blessing and encouragement to many.

FRIDAY 15th November

An important part of the team’s work is counselling people. Please ask God to give His wisdom for those in the team that are involved in counselling and guiding people, and that this area of ministry will bear much fruit.

SATURDAY 16th November

The team has been slowly repairing and replacing equipment in their studio and office that had been damaged by a lightning strike early this year. Please pray for wisdom and strength for those involved in repairing and replacing equipment. Thank God for His rich provision in meeting the team’s needs.