First Response Radio (FRR) is a network of partners, including Feba UK, who work together to respond to emergencies, using radio to provide life-saving information to crisis-affected communities in the aftermath of a natural disaster.

SUNDAY 28th October

Give thanks for the First Response Radio India team who were able to travel to Kerala state and produce programmes giving information about emergency relief, following severe flooding in the area. Praise God for their training in disaster response programming and their willingness to be deployed at short notice.

MONDAY 29th October

Give thanks for the local AM station which partnered with the FRR team to broadcast information about search and rescue, and safety and first aid – to name just a few issues. Feedback said that the programmes were ‘unique and useful during the disaster.’

TUESDAY 30th October

Feba India is considering ways of providing valuable information for the recovery stage now that affected people have returned home. Please pray for a good way forward in using radio programmes to help support them at this time. Pray too, for the affected people as they are cleaning their homes, disposing of dead animals and ensuring a clean water supply.

WEDNESDAY 31st October

Please pray regarding the issue of diseases which are spreading due to the wet conditions and dirty water, including dengue fever, malaria and leptospirosis (‘rat fever’). Pray that people will be well informed about health issues, take necessary precautions and get access to medical care when needed.

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