Feba’s global family is represented by the FEBC International Association (FEBC Int’l); it was a pleasure and privilege to have Ed Cannon, the President of FEBC Int’l, at our celebration. The Association incorporates all the individual Feba and FEBC organisations – including both ministry and support offices. FEBC Int’l encompasses 26 member offices cooperating to communicate the good news among the nations by media, to inspire people to follow Jesus Christ.

SUNDAY 21st July

North Korea. In this country Christmas, the Bible, evangelism and anything affiliated with Christianity is outlawed. Yet FEBC has a God-given opportunity to build a powerful radio station in South Korea which will be able to broadcast across the whole of North Korea. Please pray for the building of the station and that the programmes will reach open hearts.

MONDAY 22nd July

China. Please pray for the people of China as they encounter hardship due to religious restrictions. Home churches are being closed, pastors arrested and children/teens prohibited from attending any religious classes. For FEBC China, this is both a challenge and an opportunity. Diversifying communication channels, equipping leaders and reaching out to the younger generation are some of the changes made recently. Please pray for the FEBC China team during these challenging times.

TUESDAY 23rd July

Indonesia. FEBC Indonesia broadcasts a Child Protection Programme to protect the future of Indonesian children from abuse and drugs. They also provide counselling services. Please pray that this programme will be heard by the youth of Indonesia, and as they listen, they will also come to understand God’s love for them.


Myanmar. FEBC Myanmar broadcasts in five ethnic languages and produces radio programmes that present the Gospel in a way that connects with individual cultures. The military regime in Myanmar seeks to destroy Christianity, which it calls the “C virus.” Please pray for believers to be strong in faith. “Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven” (Matthew 5:10).

THURSDAY 25th July

Philippines. The Philippines is where FEBC launched its very first radio station in 1948. Please pray that with God’s help the 12 radio stations there today will continue to encourage believers and lead others to faith in Christ.

FRIDAY 26th July

Russia. FEBC Russian Ministries broadcasts the gospel in Russia, Ukraine and Central Asia, with more than 10 stations throughout the region. Please pray for Dr. Evgeny Sarapulov, an FEBC broadcaster in Moscow, who reaches millions through his daily morning show. He has prevented many suicides, helped many listeners struggling with depression and told people about salvation through Jesus Christ. Pray that God will continue to bless Evgeny, his work and his family.

SATURDAY 27th July

Japan. Christians in Japan are less than 1% of the population. FEBC Japan produces the only Christian radio programs in all of Japan, and for one purpose – to introduce people to Jesus. Please give thanks for the team and pray for their continued strength and encouragement. The team receives and responds to over 300 emails a day, please pray that listeners respond to the gospel.

SUNDAY 28th July

Cambodia. FEBCambodia communicates God’s love in the Khmer language through FM and short wave radio broadcasts, and through personal contact with their listeners. Please pray that through the transforming power of the gospel, Cambodian families and individuals experience healing from the past, receive help today, and enjoy hope for the future.

MONDAY 29th July

Mongolia. FEBC Mongolia broadcasts from 13 radio stations, providing Bible teaching programs and Christian content to touch people and their hearts. The ministry closely partners with local churches who plan and co-ordinate the necessary follow-up that the radio ministry generates. Please pray for the recently-opened station in Choibalsan (the fourth-largest city in Mongolia and historically resistant to the gospel) that people have open hearts to receive Jesus.

TUESDAY 30th July

Thailand. FEBC Radio Thailand’s objective is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ via radio. Please pray that the hearts and minds of the listeners in Thailand will continue to be receptive to the gospel message. A listener writes; “Hello my sister in Christ, I always listen to your program. The content is useful and entertaining. It gives me good suggestions for life. I have a big family problem that is difficult to bear, but your programs make me feel better.” Pray that God will help her in this situation and bring restoration in her family.


Global. FEBC International broadcasts in over 100 ethnic languages to reach specific people groups. Please pray for God’s guidance to reach each ethnic group in their own unique way. Give thanks to God for His desire to reach all people… and for His instruction to us to “make disciples of all nations.” (Matthew 28:19)