Feba UK is one of 26 field offices which make up FEBC International. As a community of God’s people across the world, each FEBC ministry field is committed to the same aims, beliefs and working principles: to collectively communicate the good news through radio and other audio media and to inspire people to follow Jesus Christ.

SUNDAY 17th May 

Mongolia: Please pray for the FEBC teams working in the capital, Ulaanbaatar and the branch stations as they continue broadcasting daily from both their homes and offices, where possible. With so much false information circulating, the team is countering this with short announcements on air about how to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Pray for opportunities to bring the comforting words of Jesus and His message of hope among those gripped by fear.

MONDAY 18th May

Korea: Praise God for the significant reduction in new cases of Covid-19 in Korea in recent weeks. The team at FEBC Korea has seen a sharp rise in listenership since people have been advised to stay indoors as much as possible. Please pray for many of these new listeners that they will continue to seek first God’s kingdom in the days and months to come (Matthew 6:33).

TUESDAY 19th May

Cambodia: FEBC’s station in Cambodia, Krusa FM is using short spots, stories and announcements from the Ministry of Health to help listeners understand and protect themselves from Covid-19. Please pray for the pastors who are working with our partners to bring the Gospel of hope to listeners on radio and social media.


Laos: In some areas of the country, rice is scarce due to a poor harvest from drought or flooding. Please pray for many in this country who are simply struggling to have enough to eat, while also fearing the spread of Covid-19. Ask they will find spiritual sustenance through FEBC broadcasts.


Malawi: A listener shared recently, “We’re so blessed to be able to tune in and learn how to strengthen our spiritual walk with the Lord”. Please pray for those who are yet to respond to Jesus’ good news to access FEBC programs and discover the truth about Jesus.

FRIDAY 22nd May 

Myanmar: Please pray for the FEBC team who are building relationships with both Christian listeners and non-believers. Ask for God’s encouragement for both staff and listeners that they will feel His protection as cases and deaths from Covid-19 have been increasing in the country.


Indonesia: FEBC broadcasters invest much time and effort into sharing the Good News and teaching listeners about Jesus’ command to forgive and love one another. Praise God that a listener from Indonesia responded to one of these messages and repaired a broken relationship with her mother. Please pray these messages will continue to be fruitful and speak into the lives of listeners, their families and wider communities.