Since 1949, Radio Liangyou has been broadcasting gospel messages into China, currently from stations in the Philippines and Korea through short and medium wave transmissions, and via the internet. Distressingly, a recent shift in government policy means that many Christians and churches are suffering increased oppression from the authorities.

SUNDAY 11th August

President Xi has started a process of ‘sinicisation’ to make the Christian faith conform to Chinese culture and the values of the communist party. This makes it even more urgent that people are hearing the true gospel via FEBC China’s broadcasts.

MONDAY 12th August

Please pray that God uses the radio and various online portals to give daily bread to listeners yearning for Scripture, and that the afflicted churches feel encouraged and supported by FEBC China’s various programmes.

TUESDAY 13th August

Please give thanks that, in spite of strict censorship stepping up in certain regions, listener response has increased.

WEDNESDAY 14th August

In the first two months of 2019, FEBC China experienced 1.4 million downloads and 70,000 hours of online listening to its broadcasts. Please pray for the staff located in five different countries that produce the daily Mandarin language programmes.

THURSDAY 15th August

Radio Liangyou is in its 70th year of ministry and with God’s gracious provision has persevered throughout this time. Please give thanks for His many gracious acts across the decades, and that team can stand firm in the knowledge that He is in control at all times. Please pray that His unchanging nature encourages the team and listeners through the current difficulties.

FRIDAY 16th August

Last year, FEBC China responded to a great need of the church in China and, in partnership with others including the Children Evangelism Fellowship of Taiwan, launched a series of programmes for children. Please give thanks for the impact the resources are having and pray that it continues to be a source of good teaching, inspiration and encouragement. This listener exemplifies how important the programmes are. “I attend a village church. We ran a Sunday school in the past 9 years. With our limited knowledge, we can only read the Bible and sing some songs. This program is really important to us because it affects the children’s upbringing for life. It is also a valuable resource for Sunday school teachers to learn how to teach. We were unable to teach the children well because we didn’t know better.”

SATURDAY 17th August

A year of ‘Disciple Training’ programmes is scheduled to air starting in October, with two one-hour lessons being broadcast weekly. Please pray for the smooth production of these programmes, and for their impact on listeners – that the word of God encourages them and builds their faith.