We are focusing our prayers and thanksgiving on our AGM and Diamond Anniversary Celebration service on Saturday 8th June, in the final days before these significant events take place.


We are delighted that contributors and supporters from Feba’s family all over the world are planning to be at the Diamond Anniversary Celebration service. Please pray that their travel preparation and arrangements all come together well, and that their journeys to and from the event are smooth and safe.

SUNDAY 2nd June

Please give thanks for Feba’s supporters who cannot be there at the Diamond Anniversary Celebration service but have been in touch to send their good wishes and assure us of their prayers. We are so grateful that they have been (and remain) such an important part of our journey so far.

MONDAY 3rd June

Feba’s Board of Trustees and Associates are responsible for our legal governance. Please give thanks for their skills, experience and commitment to our mission. Please pray that as they prepare for, and convene at, our AGM on the morning of 8th June that they are granted much wisdom and clarity around their discussions and decisions.

TUESDAY 4th June

We are grateful for all of the people who will be contributing at the Diamond Anniversary Celebration service, including Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali. We are blessed to have gifted hosts, speakers, musicians, technicians and caterers all serving together. Please do pray for God’s insight, wisdom, inspiration and administration as they prepare and input into the event.


Please do pray for Feba’s staff who are preparing to host and manage the AGM and Diamond Anniversary Celebration service. Please pray that all the logistics come together as planned, that items we are producing for the event arrive on time, that all our team who will be there on the day are healthy and that no important detail is missed.


Please pray that as the wide and varied Feba community gathers together at the AGM and Diamond Anniversary Celebration service, the bonds of relationship will strengthen and that much fruitfulness will come from the connections and conversations that take place. It will be a special opportunity to meet together face-to-face.

FRIDAY 7th June

We are so thankful for those of our supporters who are volunteering their help on the day (some of whom have served at many events over the years). Please join us in giving thanks to God for them, the support they give and pray for their preparation and contribution to the day.


Today is a focal point of our celebrations, marking 60 years of Feba’s ministry. Please thank God for choosing to reach people through the power of radio and audio media, and for all the people who have been involved in this story so far. Please do also pray for the future of this ministry, for the good works God has set out for us to do - and for all the people yet to reach with the good news of Jesus Christ.