The Diamond Anniversary Celebration service was a very special Feba family gathering. Over 200 people representing Feba’s past, present and future joined together in praise and worship for all that God has done through Feba so far, and prayed for His guidance and blessing for the future. You can read the Order of Service here. We would like to thank everyone who came - all of whom had played some part in Feba’s story and impact thus far. Many people commented on how encouraging it was to see such a cross section of people from various seasons and places coming together with a oneness of spirit, and for that we do indeed give great thanks.

MONDAY 1st July

Please give thanks for the clergy - Rev. Esther Prior, Rev. Tom Robson and Rt. Rev. Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali, who hosted us, led the service, preached and led the blessing. Please also give thanks for the worship team and organist who led us through different styles of sung worship and praise that reflected the past six decades (and more!), yet still expressing God’s unchangeable truth. Please do pray for fruitfulness in their respective ministries.

TUESDAY 2nd July

Feba’s founders and those who pioneered the ministry were represented by Joanna Malton (a current Trustee and the daughter of Feba’s founder, Douglas Malton) and many of our honoured guests including Malcolm Fidge and John Wheatley. Please give thanks for everyone who responded to God’s call to this mission and made many sacrifices to pursue a bold and ambitious plan, in order to bring the gospel to people in some extremely hard-to-reach places by using radio.


Many of those who came to the celebration are former missionaries who committed their lives - and those of their families - in service, so that people would be inspired to follow Jesus. Please give thanks for each of them, including Peter and Mary Parish, and Tony Ford, who represented this amazing group of people (by speaking, praying and reading during the service), whose remarkable contribution lies at the heart of the impact of our work to date.


Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali gave an inspiring and considered sermon that beautifully expressed the essence of Feba’s work. He shared about the Spirit and the Word working together from the beginning of Creation – and drew parallels with the way in which Feba’s broadcasters are empowered by the Spirit the Spirit, to communicate the Word. God works all this together so that people turn to Him and receive lasting transformation in all aspects of their lives. Please give thanks for Bishop Michael’s support of Feba, and that the truth he brought continues to inspire and guide us in our ongoing work.

FRIDAY 5th July

In the morning, prior to the Celebration service, our Board of Trustees and Associates met for our AGM. Ultimately, the legal responsibility for Feba lies with this group of people. Please give thanks for the time and commitment they give – and please pray especially for our Trustees, who meet regularly to lead and provide governance for our work. Please do pray for wisdom and insight to discern God’s will so that they make decisions in accordance with it.


Our mission carries on… We are privileged to be called by God into partnership with Him to communicate his good news through radio and audio media. We do not know what the future holds, but we do know that there are many more people to reach – and therefore much work to do! Please pray for our leaders, that God protects them and their families and that He continues to guide and lead them in His ways, stewarding the provision that He gives, to accomplish the good works He has set out for us to do.