Feba UK staff communicate with individuals, churches and grant-making trusts, providing information about projects and processing financial support. As with any small Christian team, we are experiencing both the highs and lows of workload, sickness and life situations. Thank you for praying for us.

SUNDAY 23rd December

Today is the beginning of the last week of Advent and we are reflecting on peace. 2018 has been a difficult year with a number of staff leaving Feba UK, meaning extra work and uncertainty for the remaining staff. Please pray for their peace in this situation. Pray too that we would be able to make some strong appointments as we are now in the process of recruiting to a few key posts.

MONDAY 24th December

Please pray for the staff responsible for managing our finances. Pray that we would make good decisions on how to spend the resources we have.

TUESDAY 25th December

“'Happy Christmas!' - it's a short and simple phrase but is packed with so much. Christmas is a special opportunity for us to pause and reflect on what has gone before and what lies ahead. It is my prayer that we will each know God’s presence, comfort and joy in a very personal way this Christmas season. Happy Christmas!” Bob Chambers, CEO

WEDNESDAY 26th December

Give thanks for the number of churches supporting Feba and for the 23 church services which Feba participated in this year. Pray for our relationship with supporting churches and for new churches that are finding out about Feba for the first time.

THURSDAY 27th December

Please pray for the ongoing efforts to sell Feba's office building in Worthing. Earlier this month, the local council refused a planning application submitted by a prospective purchaser. Please pray for the staff during this extended period of uncertainty and the upheaval of a potential relocation.

FRIDAY 28th December

Give thanks for the many people who intercede for and give to the ministry. Please pray that we will be able to attract new supporters and also continue to build relationships with a number of trust funders.

SATURDAY 29th December

Give thanks for the staff based at the Worthing office. Please pray for their health and wellbeing, and for their families. Pray for their encouragement and protection as their work is a spiritual battle as well as a practical task.

SUNDAY 30th December

Give thanks for all our partners in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. During 2018 Feba UK has reviewed all of the ministry projects with a number of our projects being co-funded or delivered in partnership with other offices across the FEBC International association. Please pray that the focus of Feba’s work would be clearly communicated and understood; pray too, for our participation in the association, that we would contribute to its growth and development.

MONDAY 31st December

We look forward to celebrating Feba’s Diamond Anniversary in 2019, giving thanks for 60 years of ministry. Please pray for the preparation of our Celebration event. Pray too that we would continue to look to God for his leading, protection and provision in all that we do in his name.