Feba UK aims to serve the various needs and expectations of supporters and ministry partners, all of which evolve over time. Please join us as we pray for continued wisdom in our decision making, our global ministry partnerships, and for the team members as together we work through recent changes – continually seeking God’s leading, and trusting in his provision.

SUNDAY 14th April

We have been trying to sell Feba’s office in Worthing for some time. Having had a couple of aborted attempts due to planning issues, negotiations are still progressing well with the latest prospective buyer and we are hopeful that this will lead to a sale. Please pray for the ongoing process – for a suitable contract to be agreed and exchanged soon, and for straightforward passage to completion.

MONDAY 15th April

Assuming Skywaves House is sold in the coming months, then Feba will need to relocate. Whilst there is general acceptance of the need to move, the practicalities are quite significant. Please pray that we would know God’s leading and his provision as we consider where we should be searching, and on what basis we should take a new office; we thank God for his provision of our current building and we trust him for our future home too.

TUESDAY 16th April

This year is Feba’s Diamond Anniversary – marking 60 years of supporting Christian radio ministry. Our celebrations will centre around a special service of thanksgiving and rededication in June, with contributions from former staff and current international partners. Please pray for the various practical arrangements for that event, specifically the format and content of the service itself. Please pray also for a good attendance and right spirit as we gather together, with the focus being clearly on God whom we love and serve through Feba’s ministry. For further information and to register your interest in attending, please see www.feba.org.uk/DAC

WEDNESDAY 17th April

Various staff changes over the past year mean that we are now smaller in number, and roles have evolved somewhat. It is rarely easy to say goodbye to friends and colleagues, especially when the gaps are readily apparent. Please pray for those moving on, for the team that remain, and that we would be able to recruit well to some important positions in coming months – that God would provide the right people ‘for such a time as this’.

THURSDAY 18th April

In addition to the staff team who deliver Feba’s work day-to-day, the ministry is overseen by a Board of Trustees who carry various legal responsibilities on an entirely voluntary basis. We give thanks for their faithful service and important contribution to the work. Please pray for wisdom and discernment as they exercise their oversight, including decisions about the essence and direction of Feba’s projects and partnerships.

FRIDAY 19th April

As we remember Jesus’ sacrifice today, we’re focusing on the essence of Feba’s work throughout the world; to use radio and audio media to communicate the Christian gospel, to inspire people to follow Him. Feba UK is a member of FEBC International – the association that brings together all Feba and FEBC offices worldwide. Whilst many individual offices are long-established (including Feba, celebrating 60 years in 2019), the association in its present form is relatively young – having only been established a few years ago. We give thanks for a productive annual conference in March, including consideration of important topics such as shared priority setting and governance, as well as some inspiring ministry updates. Please pray for the ongoing development of the association as we seek continually to be an effective and impactful ministry – for God’s purposes and glory.

SATURDAY 20th April

One particular area of work that we are seeking to develop in the coming months is the way in which we engage with churches across the UK. We already produce some resources for church leaders and representatives, but we are exploring how we might work with some of our supporters to share about Feba’s ministry in their church or locality. Please pray that we would know how best to pursue this, in order that we might introduce potential new supporters to the ways in which radio and audio media are being used to inspire people to follow Jesus Christ. If this is something you would be interested in please contact us at www.feba.org.uk/contact