Feba Pakistan operates and broadcasts in an environment where there is insecurity and the constant threat of violence. The team is working with other Christian partners to develop the use of community radio to speak to the needs of their own communities, helping to reduce fear and bring hope to local people.

SUNDAY 1st December

On this first Sunday in Advent, please pray for peace, stability and protection in Pakistan, especially for those in the Christian community who are often marginalised and discriminated against. Please pray for the Christian converts who not only face rejection from their family, but also the fear of physical violence and accusations of blasphemy from those of other faiths.

MONDAY 2nd December

Feba Pakistan’s new FM programme, ‘Youth Time’ launched in August on FM99 Abbottabad. We give thanks to God for the positive response the team is receiving from many young people who are now listening regularly to this programme. Please pray for the FM team who will be engaging with these young listeners through a variety of creative, grassroots evangelistic activities in December.

TUESDAY 3rd December

In a recent Seeker’s Conference, one listener accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Saviour. Please continue to pray he will remain firm in his new faith and ask for God’s protection and wisdom. Pray that those around him will see the change that Christ has made in his life, which will encourage him to share his love for Jesus.

WEDNESDAY 4th December

As well as using shortwave radio, our partners in Pakistan use a range of platforms including FM, social media, internet radio and mobile apps to broadcast the gospel to different target audiences. Please pray for the people who interact with these programmes that they will find answers to their questions and discover the joy of knowing Jesus – the way, the truth and the life.

THURSDAY 5th December

Praise God that Feba Pakistan’s media production and training facilities have recently been completed. Please pray for wisdom and resources as the team establish a new video studio to produce films featuring inspirational stories, testimonies and Christian songs to engage young people and other groups with the good news of Jesus, especially via social media.

FRIDAY 6th December

Sindhi and Baluchi are two important languages that are widely spoken by more than seven million people in two major provinces in Pakistan. Please ask God for His guidance as the team in Pakistan seeks the staffing and resources to reach new audiences in these areas with gospel-based programmes via shortwave radio and social media platforms.

SATURDAY 7th December

Please lift up members of the board of Feba Pakistan in prayer as they continue to take responsibility for monitoring resources and evaluating the effectiveness of this gospel ministry. Pray for wisdom and strength for the new board members who have joined the board since the recent AGM. May they bring fresh vision to sharing the gospel in one of the most challenging and difficult areas in South Asia.