Feba India works to reach different audiences including women, rural communities and young people. By engaging with those various groups, helping to address their issues and raise their concerns through the radio programmes, listeners are empowered to make positive changes in their lives.

While on a recent visit to India, Bob Chambers filmed three short interviews with members of the Feba India team. Click here to watch them sharing stories of how Feba’s ministry is changing lives.

SUNDAY 13th October

Many of our listeners respond to our programmes in times of crisis, seeking counsel and prayers. Please pray for wisdom and compassion for our counselling team as they connect with our listeners and look for opportunities to lead them to put their faith and trust in Jesus.

MONDAY 14th October

Please pray for our team in Kolkata producing programmes for women who are illiterate and have no self-respect. Many of these women are trapped in abusive marriages. Please pray for our counsellors as they help these women believe they are precious to God and should be treated with dignity and respect.

TUESDAY 15th October

Feba India has many teams embedded in local communities producing programmes that address specific local needs and interests. Listeners are able to give instant feedback via WhatsApp. Please pray the gospel will spread unhindered through these programmes and growing social networks.

WEDNESDAY 16th October

Please pray for the listener meetings we are hosting in different regions of Haryana, Haridwar, North and South of West Bengal during October and November 2019. Many listeners travel long distances to be part of these important meetings. Please pray for protection and good health for team members and listeners as they travel. Pray also that these meetings will be a great blessing and strengthen relations with our listeners.

THURSDAY 17th October

Our team in Siliguri is ministering among marginalised people in the tea gardens and slums of North Bengal. These communities and particularly vulnerable to human trafficking and drug and alcohol addiction. Please pray that people will have the courage to be open with our team members and have the confidence to come up with their own solutions to the personal challenges they face.

FRIDAY 18th October

We often hear of listeners who have been waiting a very long time to be blessed with a child. Please pray that God would answer their cries and fill the emptiness in their lives. Many of our listeners are unemployed, sick and facing marriage and relationship problems. Please pray that our counsellors would have a word in season that will bring God’s hope and restoration to our listeners.

SATURDAY 19th October

Pray that God will help us touch and transform lives through our radio programmes so our listeners become change agents who positively impact their communities with the good news of Jesus.