Feba India works to reach different audiences including women, rural communities and young people. As they engage with local communities, helping to address their issues and raise their concerns through the radio programmes, listeners are empowered to make positive changes in their lives. Here are some of their current requests for prayer and thanksgiving.

THURSDAY 1st August

Feba India works in the Sunderbans islands region, an area quite isolated because of its geography. Recently, the team organised a listeners’ gathering in Gosaba island and were able to meet them face-to-face for the first time. Please give thanks to God for enabling this gathering to take place.

FRIDAY 2nd August

The team met with a group of women in the Sunderbans who had been widowed (some of them, when tigers killed their husbands!). Please give thanks that the team were able to give some of them radios and that by listening to the programmes, God is touching their hearts and transforming their lives.

SATURDAY 3rd August

Many of the people in the Sunderbans region are very poor but the believers there are rich in spirit. Due to the poverty, people trafficking is a major issue. Please pray for the protection of the islands’ inhabitants and that by hearing the gospel people are given real hope.

SUNDAY 4th August

At a recent listeners’ meeting in another area, listeners performed a drama showing domestic violence in the family. The team gave out radios to encourage them to listen to their programmes and become change agents. Please give thanks that one woman listener is now lighting the light in other women’s lives! Please pray for these women, their safety, financial circumstances and peace in their families.

MONDAY 5th August

Please pray that the programme producers will have fresh and innovative programme presentations that will touch the hearts of people and that the team members will be salt and light to the people they serve.

TUESDAY 6th August

It is so encouraging to report that listeners to Feba India’s programmes are choosing to be baptised! In one listener’s words, “No one can stop me from taking baptism because I trust in Him and I love Jesus.” Please give thanks for all listeners who have been baptised and pray that their faith is strengthened as they continue to follow Jesus.

WEDNESDAY 7th August

In Kerala, a state on the southwestern Malabar Coast of India, there was flooding in August 2018 and again this year – causing much damage, injury and death. Please pray for local people who have lost homes, livelihoods and loved ones, and for the Feba India team who have been providing support to people in the affected areas.

THURSDAY 8th August

Please pray for the listener meetings where the gospel is shared. Please pray that the good news is heard by people and that they receive Jesus into their hearts. Some groups have Bible studies, please pray that through these studies people learn more about God and are transformed as they become closer to Him.

FRIDAY 9th August

Please pray that the team will be able to reach people even through ‘closed doors’ and that they will continue to be effective in their ministry.

SATURDAY 10th August

Later this month, our Chief Executive, Bob Chambers, is travelling to India to meet with the team for a review and training workshop, to discuss and pray together about how the ministry can develop. Please give thanks for the continued strength of the long and deep relationship between Feba UK and Feba India, and join us in praying about how we can increasingly share the gospel there.