As we approach our Diamond Anniversary Celebration on Saturday 8th June (see, we are praying and giving thanks for the global ministry that Feba UK has been part of for the past 60 years. We are remembering our various partners across the world and those who have been involved in the ministry throughout the last six decades.

If you would like to join us at our special service of thanksgiving and rededication (taking place in Surrey, UK), please do contact the Feba UK office and we’ll gladly send you a formal invitation with full details.


Please thank God for the people who set up Feba UK’s ministry 60 years ago and for their heart to reach people with the gospel. Please give thanks for the dedication they gave to establishing the technical means of broadcasting life-changing messages of hope and practical support, for creating meaningful and relevant programmes and for developing relationships with local partners, which have been built upon as the ministry has grown.


The FEBC International Association represents the worldwide family and it includes all the individual FEBC and Feba offices – both ministry and support offices. Please pray for our local leadership in each area – directors and boards – and our shared working as an association. You will be able to read more about the FEBC International Association in the next edition of Voice magazine.

FRIDAY 3rd May

Our ministry partners often work under pressure, some in very challenging environments, all seeking to understand and reach their audiences with life-changing content in their radio and social media programmes. They really value, and are encouraged by, the prayers of Feba supporters, so thank you for praying for them this week.


Please pray for our partners who are working in countries where there is unrest or issues surrounding their security. Please thank God for their dedication and commitment (often in the face of much opposition) and pray for their safety, courage and wisdom as they go about their lives and business. Pray too, for peace, stability and openness to the gospel in their countries and regions.

SUNDAY 5th May

North India - The Hamari Beriyan programmes are aimed at helping women among the rural poor. Please pray that the team can continue to produce relevant content that addresses practical and social issues, and that both men and women become educated on gender equality and women’s rights.

MONDAY 6th May

Mozambique - Radio Wimbe is helping to bring lasting, positive change in the communities in Pemba. The radio station is supplementing its Bible teaching radio programmes with face-to- face Bible study groups using Discovery Bible Study (DBS) materials. Please pray for the people of Pemba, that they experience the life-changing transformation that the gospel brings. Please also pray for their nation as it rebuilds, following the damage and loss of life caused by recent cyclones Idai and Kenneth.


Nepal - Feba works with local partner HDCS (Human Development Community Services), in the CoRIN (Community Radio In Nepal) Project, with two radio stations both called Afno FM. The stations serve communities in Okhaldhunga (east Nepal) and Dadeldhura (west Nepal). Please pray that they are able to show God’s love by producing content and broadcasting programmes that put the spiritual and physical health, education and harmony of the community first - to help transform the quality of people’s lives.


Tibet - Through radio programmes, CDs and literature, our partner Gaweylon addresses practical issues and contributes to the physical, social and spiritual wellbeing of the Tibetan diaspora communities in neighbouring countries. Please pray that through this ministry, listeners will be educated about health issues and the gospel of Jesus.


Central Asia – Our partners in Central Asia use radio, internet radio and social media to reach listeners – often in areas where there are restrictions on religious expression, groups meeting together and even penalties for sharing the gospel. Please pray that people in these ‘hard-to-reach’ areas are able to hear our programmes and want to find out more about Jesus. Please also pray for believers in the region; that they are encouraged in their faith and will be salt and light in their communities.

FRIDAY 10th May

Ukraine - FEBC-Ukraine seeks to communicate the Good News by using media to inspire people to follow Jesus Christ, through using multiple platforms including websites, social media and independent radio stations as well as their own seven radio stations in country. Please give thanks for soldiers serving in ‘hot zones’ who listen to their programmes, and pray for protection for them and their families, as they are among the most vulnerable groups in the country today.


Iraq – Please pray for the team of *Iraq FM, who produce community focused programmes and give thanks that they are helping to address the issues facing the different neighbourhoods in their area. Please pray that people’s quality of life improves and for peace and understanding among those of different faiths.