The Voice of the Child

Mungongo ya Muana (The Voice of the Child) is a radio project in Kinshasa for street-living children. The pilot phase of the project has just been completed and there is real potential for it to devleop and make changes in the lives of thousands of children living on the streets there.

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SUNDAY 7th February

The pilot phase of the radio project in Kinshasa for street-living children was completed at the end of last year, with the children and their leaders completing their basic radio training. Give thanks for the success of the project so far.

MONDAY 8th February

The end of the pilot phase was marked with a live broadcast event, in which street-living children and community members interacted on issues affecting the lives of children on the streets. Please pray for more opportunities for this kind of valuable discussion.

TUESDAY 9th February

With our partner, the Children’s Radio Foundation, we have recently undertaken an evaluation of the first six months’ activities. This will now be used to inform how the project will progress. Please pray for wisdom in decisions affecting the shape of the project.

WEDNESDAY 10th February

Give thanks for the new group of children being recruited and trained in basic radio. Please pray that these new team members will flourish with the opportunities and responsibilities they are being given.

THURSDAY 11th February

Praise God for the commitment of the street-living children who are part of the team, and for the commitment of their leaders. Pray that the result will be high quality programming that increases the awareness of issues affecting children on the streets.

FRIDAY 12th February

Above all, please pray for God to protect the thousands of children on the streets of Kinshasa and to help them find loving homes and a brighter future.

SATURDAY 13th February

Feba and our partner HCR are also considering how best to support a potential community-centred radio station in the east of DR Congo. Please pray for wisdom and discernment as this opportunity is considered.