Since Ebola was at last eliminated in Sierra Leone, the long process of restoring a traumatised nation has begun. Feba has a role to play in the work of restoration and we are excited about this opportunity.

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SUNDAY 28th February

Praise God that the epidemic is over and that Sierra Leone was finally declared free from ebola at the end of last year.

MONDAY 29th February

Give thanks that Feba has been able to contribute to halting the spread of the virus by providing radios to vulnerable households, enabling them to access lifesaving information.

TUESDAY 1st March

Feba is planning to be involved in a new project in Sierra Leone, using radio to allow people to share their experiences and devise solutions for their community’s problems. Praise God for this wonderful opportunity and ask for his blessing on it.


Please pray that this project will enable the Church to respond to the needs of local communities and make a tangible difference to people’s lives.

THURSDAY 3rd March

Pray also that the new radio project will be instrumental in improving health systems within Sierra Leone for the long term.

FRIDAY 4th March

Pray for the working relationship between Feba and our partner, Believers Broadcasting Network (BBN); that this relationship will be characterised by trust and respect, and that the two organisations will achieve far more together than they could separately.

SATURDAY 5th March

Please pray that the project will find favour with political decision makers, locally and nationally, and therefore be unrestricted by red tape and outside interference.