Reaching Tibetans

Gaweylon broadcasts to Tibetans living in India, Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet, addressing their practical needs through content on social and health issues, as well as culturally appropriate Christian teaching.

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SUNDAY 26th February

Many Tibetans sell woollen clothing to earn money to support their families. In November, there was a big fire in Delhi and many Tibetan stalls were completely burnt with a loss of goods but fortunately no loss of life. Please remember in prayer those who were affected by this and for safety as they do business.

MONDAY 27th February

Today is the start of the Tibetan New Year which is celebrated for three days until 1st March. Gaweylon have prepared four special programmes to be broadcast over this time. Please pray that they would reach a wide audience and get a good response.

TUESDAY 28th February

Many listeners will be helping the team in February and March to distribute literature and CDs in their communities. Thank God for this opportunity to reach more people and pray that they will become regular listeners to the programmes.


Please pray that the team will find suitable staff to help with programming and follow-up. They need the right people with the needed language and translation skills.

THURSDAY 2nd March

Give thanks for Gaweylon’s listeners, many are Buddhist monks listening in monasteries. Pray that the seed planted will bear fruit.

FRIDAY 3rd March

As the Tibetan diaspora communities are widespread, Gaweylon’s broadcasts cover a large listening area. Pray that the reception will be clear and without interference.

SATURDAY 4th March

Please pray for the programming team that they will be able to choose relevant topics to benefit the needs of listeners.