Engaging urban young people

Voice of Egypt produces and broadcasts online programmes for urban young people from a range of political and religious backgrounds. Conversations via social media enable listeners to go deeper into faith issues and explore Christian values.

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SUNDAY 25th February

Voice of Egypt produces a popular programme that uses sport as a conversation topic leading to discussion into deeper areas of life, such as ethics, competition, cheating, aspiration etc. Please pray that people would find a sense of community in this programme, like one listener, struggling with shyness, who said: “Your sports programme is the programme that makes most difference in my life.”

MONDAY 26th February

For many listeners who are part of the majority religion, relationship with God is a difficult topic. God can seem distant, angry or vengeful. Pray for listeners who are seeking truth about a relationship with God.

TUESDAY 27th February

Please pray for listeners who want to know they can trust God completely. Pray for this listener: “Knowing God is almighty makes me feel safe, also because he can give us happiness and victory.”

WEDNESDAY 28th February

Give thanks for the changes listeners see in their lives as their relationship with God develops. Give thanks for this blind man who said: “I’ll be a faithful and honest person if I put God in front of my eyes in all my life matters.”

THURSDAY 1st March

Give thanks for the wisdom that listeners share through the radio. A community leader shared: “God is healer first in physical diseases, second in internal diseases (eg hatred and envy) and third, in inner wounds (eg disappointment, betrayal).”

FRIDAY 2nd March

Give thanks for the example set by listeners who call in about controversial topics. *Khalid and *Mehmet are two men who recently called the station to say that they are against circumcision for girls.

SATURDAY 3rd March

Online radio makes it possible for young people to listen in other countries too. Pray for these listeners and give thanks for the family they have found in Voice of Egypt.