Our partner in Egypt is demonstrating God’s love and acceptance to listeners of different faiths and political backgrounds, building bridges between these different sections of society. This week, we’ll pray for this delicate but vital ministry.

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Egypt internet cafe

SUNDAY 21st February

Pray for the Voice of Egypt station manager who is planning the programme schedules for the next year. Please pray for wisdom in deciding which shows to continue in their current form and which need to be adapte

MONDAY 22nd February

The team have recently been experiencing a technical problem with their broadcasts. Praise God that this problem has now been resolved.

TUESDAY 23rd February

Thank God for conversations the team have had with established listeners after periods of no contact. Pray for three listeners who were not able to call in for several months, but have now managed to do so.

WEDNESDAY 24th February

Pray for two listeners specifically. *Khalid is an imam in a mosque and deeply religious; *Mohammed feels ‘empty on the inside’ and that he has no purpose. Please pray that Jesus will meet with them in a transformative way.

THURSDAY 25th February

Give thanks also that *Basma, the station manager, has returned to work, following the birth of her first child. Please pray for her as she and her husband adjust to the changes.

FRIDAY 26th February

Voice of Egypt still operates within stringent laws regarding online political comments. Please pray for discernment as the team seek to create effective programming which is topical but impartial.

SATURDAY 27th February

Pray for the station to continue to be trusted and respected by many different elements of the community. Ask God to show his love very clearly through the team’s work.