Conflict continues

As the conflict in Yemen continues, many weary and traumatised people are contacting the Yemen Project asking searching questions and seeking help.

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SUNDAY 19th February

The war has affected the electricity supply with power cuts or power only for 1-2 hours a day, reducing the use of the internet and increasing listening to the radio. Pray for a growing audience for programmes produced by the Yemen Project.

MONDAY 20th February

Feba has supported broadcasts to Yemen for more than 30 years. Thank God for committed supporters who have prayed and donated over the years for the work in Yemen.

TUESDAY 21st February

Pray for an end to the war, healing for the nation and for people to live in peace. Nearly every family has suffered loss.

WEDNESDAY 22nd February

The conflict has put the country into a humanitarian crisis affecting food and shelter availability and access to healthcare. Our partners tell us that children are not just dying from the war but are also dying from hunger.

THURSDAY 23rd February

Thank God for the Reality Church programmes which help combat isolation of believers and encourages them to pray for their needs and for others.

FRIDAY 24th February

Please pray for believers in Yemen that they would be wise but bold in living out their faith.

SATURDAY 25th February

Thank God for the weekly radio programme Hot Issues which aims to address social problems such as child marriage and respect for women.

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