Using technology

Our partners in Central Asia use different platforms to reach different people. In one country, internet radio is the most appropriate tool whereas medium wave is being used to reach a tribal language group in another part of the region.

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SUNDAY 18th February

Please pray for believers, that they would be able to access good Christian teaching and material to grow in their faith, be encouraged and strengthened.

MONDAY 19th February

Give thanks that despite a major system failure of a supplier’s data servers holding programme content in storage remotely, no information has been permanently lost. Please pray for the technical aspects of our projects, that they would be reliable and efficient.

TUESDAY 20th February

Please pray for the team as they produce engaging and relevant programme content. Pray that they would have wisdom and insight in knowing what topics to address and to present them in an interesting way.

WEDNESDAY 21st February

Our partner says: “Thank you for praying. Your prayers are working. It just works. We survive because of your prayers. We still continue because of your prayers. We grow because of your prayers. Thank you.” Please pray for our partner today.

THURSDAY 22nd February

Please pray for the listeners as they hear programmes discussing ideas and issues that may be unfamiliar to them and challenge their thinking. Pray that they would be open to new approaches.

FRIDAY 23rd February

Some follow up workers are able to meet face to face with listeners and to promote the radio programmes. Please pray for their safety and protection as they travel, and for good conversations with people in whom God is already at work.

SATURDAY 24th February

Please pray for our partners as they support the production of worship music in local languages. This helps new home groups really flourish and they are eager to have more.

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