Karanda Mission Hospital

Run by the hospital's chaplaincy team, in partnerhsip with Feba Zimbabwe, the station is providing health information and devotional content to patients and visitors.

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Karanda Mission Hospital

SUNDAY 14th February

Praise God that the radio station at Karanda Mission Hospital is now on air and already having a positive impact on the hospital community. Pray that the programmes will help thousands of patients and family members to find life in its fullness.

MONDAY 15th February

Pray that the chaplains will have strength to do all that is asked of them and that, despite the time pressures, they would remain committed to producing high-quality community based programmes.

TUESDAY 16th February

Please pray that the political situation within Zimbabwe will not be a hindrance to the hospital project, and that Kurai (Feba Zimbabwe’s national director) will continue to have good interactions with local government officials.

WEDNESDAY 17th February

Pray that patients will be able to pass on information learned from the hospital radio to their communities, thus improving the health of many other people in northern Zimbabwe.

THURSDAY 18th February

Pray also for the devotional content of the station’s programmes; that it will inspire the patients to take steps forward in their faith.

FRIDAY 19th February

Give thanks that the present situation in Zimbabwe remains peaceful. However, many citizens are still suffering as a result of the country’s economic problems and a lack of rainfall in recent months. Please pray for God’s intervention in these issues.

SATURDAY 20th February

Pray that charitable organisations operating in Zimbabwe, many of which are already over-stretched, would have the resources to help meet the needs of the people.