"Radio is You"

This week sees the celebration of the UNESCO World Radio Day on Monday 13th, this year's theme is "Radio is You". World Radio Day was started in 2011 to remember the unique power of radio to touch lives and bring people together across every corner of the globe. This week we are going to pray for people in different roles in our projects.

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SUNDAY 12th February

Thank God for those who are involved in looking after the equipment, keeping generators, studios and transmitters working. Please pray for their ability to understand problems as they arise and find solutions as needed. Pray for their health and safety as they carry out maintenance.

MONDAY 13th February

Today is World Radio Day. Let’s give thanks for all the thousands of lives touched by radio programmes that have been broadcast by our partners and the wider FEB family over the years, which includes ourselves at Feba UK.

TUESDAY 14th February

Please pray for those who interview people either in the studio or out in the community. Pray for the skills to build rapport quickly with those they meet, for the ability to ask the right questions in the right way. Pray too for their safety as they sometimes take risks meeting people.

WEDNESDAY 15th February

Remember those who edit and produce the programmes. Please pray for patience as they listen to the recorded material and for the creativity to assemble the materials to get the right messages across. Pray too that they will involve members of their community in shaping and creating programmes.

THURSDAY 16th February

Please pray for all the presenters that they will be able to connect with the listeners. Pray that they will get a sense of what is right for each moment of the programme, particularly when they are broadcasting live. Pray too that they will help invite listeners to be part of the programmes and build their involvement.

FRIDAY 17th February

Thank God for all our listeners and pray that they would hear words that not only inform their minds but also feed their hearts. Pray that they will turn their good intentions into action and where appropriate contact our follow-up teams. Pray too that our listeners will want to contribute to the programmes and develop a sense of ownership of the station.

SATURDAY 18th February

Please pray for our follow-up teams as they talk to listeners. Pray for wisdom and courage as they often have to discern the motivation behind the contact they receive. Pray for inspiration for them as they offer words of comfort, encouragement and even challenge.