Helping with equipment needs

Feba UK supports projects and partners with help and advice on equipment issues, supplying parts for projects in countries where it is difficult to get hold of them, and funding necessary kit where appropriate.

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Read more about Feba's technical support inCocoa powered radio station 

SUNDAY 11th February

Give thanks for Feba UK Engineer Paul Vernon as he helps partners with their equipment needs. Pray that he will be able to find appropriate, reliable and cost-effective solutions to their equipment issues.

MONDAY 12th February

Give thanks for the generous donations from Feba supporters which enable Feba UK to supply equipment to projects, such as a new transmitter to Radio Wimbe in Mozambique and funding for the Afno FM stations to buy scooters.

TUESDAY 13th February

Today is World Radio Day, an annual day established to celebrate and raise awareness of the importance of radio. In many parts of the world, radio continues to be the main way the majority of the population access information, news, help and advice. Please pray for our partners today as they use radio to help transform the lives of listeners.

WEDNESDAY 14th February

Give thanks for the supply, delivery and training on new equipment for the *Sparrow project in NE Africa. Please pray for the producers as they record and produce a daily programme. Pray that the ‘Reality Church’ programme content would encourage believers who are unable to go to church.

THURSDAY 15th February

The speaker system at Karanda Mission Hospital in Zimbabwe has been expanded so that patients and waiting relatives located beyond the central hospital building are now able to hear programmes. Give thanks that people are now able to engage with social and spiritual issues that are discussed in the programmes, as well as being entertained while they wait.

FRIDAY 16th February

Please pray for project teams as they maintain equipment, which in many places has to operate in hot and dusty conditions. Pray that through good stewardship the efficiency and life of equipment can be maximised.

SATURDAY 17th February

Give thanks for the equipment and technology that enables programme producers to make good sound quality programmes and allow listeners to contribute through being interviewed locally or calling-in to programmes. Pray that transmitters are able to provide a reliable broadcast service so that listeners can hear their regular programmes and be encouraged by the consistent presence of the presenters.