Radio saving lives

Feba works with partners using radio for crisis affected communities and in emergency response. This includes emergency situations such as floods or earthquakes, ongoing crises such as drought or disease, or the impact of conflict or other upheavals in society.

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SUNDAY 5th February

Give thanks for programmes and short announcements on the radio in North East Africa that addressed issues of sanitation and hygiene as many people were affected by diarrhoea following drought conditions last year.

MONDAY 6th February

Thank God for the First Response Radio (FRR) training. This will help build capacity by increasing the number of trained First Responders as well as build a team of certified trainers who can train others.

TUESDAY 7th February

Please pray for every participant in the FRR training that they would take on board all that has been shared with them.

WEDNESDAY 8th February

Give thanks for the First Responders and their commitment to respond to a future disaster.

THURSDAY 9th February

Widespread flooding is an annual crisis in Bangladesh. Our partners give opportunities to listeners to talk about the impact of flooding, their fears and struggles, and also how challenges are being overcome. Please pray for these programmes which help address the ongoing impact of crisis situations.

FRIDAY 10th February

The Yemen Project created a new series on dealing with trauma, in particular raising people’s awareness of trauma caused by conflict. Please pray for people who responded to this show, that they would receive wise and relevant support as they deal with the effects of conflict crisis.

SATURDAY 11th February

During the Mosul operations in Autumn 2016, Iraq FM brought in Iraqi artists and musicians who talked about the situation and the hopes for peace in the country. The programme producers allowed time for listeners to call in and join the conversation, which was very much appreciated.