Positive change for communities

Feba works with local partner, HDCS in the CoRIN (Community Radio In Nepal) Project, with two radio stations both called Afno FM. The stations serve communities in Okhaldhunga (east Nepal) and Dadeldhura (west Nepal) broadcasting programmes to help transform the quality of their lives.

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SUNDAY 4th February

The best programme ideas often come from outside the studio by engaging with the local community. Give thanks for the two scooters that Feba UK was able to provide to the CoRIN Project for their Afno FM stations. Please pray that they make good use of them, visiting listeners to collect stories and to conduct community meetings.

MONDAY 5th February

Give thanks for the teams at the two Afno FM stations and their commitment to their duties. Please pray for them as they take on new responsibilities due to a limited number of staff.

TUESDAY 6th February

Please pray for our partner HDCS, who manage the CoRIN Project, especially as they work for greater local sustainability. Please pray for them as they try to reduce their financial dependency on external partners and agencies, and find creative ways to support all they do.

WEDNESDAY 7th February

Give thanks for the programme producers who work to engage and inspire listeners. Pray for them that the programmes that they produce and present would be effective in addressing issues such as health, sanitation and nutrition.

THURSDAY 8th February

Please continue to pray for the local churches that they would support the Afno FM stations in working for positive community change.

FRIDAY 9th February

Give thanks for the listeners whose lives have been transformed by what they have heard on the radio. Please pray that they would be encouraged to help bring change to their communities.

SATURDAY 10th February

Please pray that the programmes would be effective in providing communities with information and education on issues that are relevant and important to the listeners. Pray that they would promote dialogue to enable positive change.