Christian-led local radio partnerships

Our partner, Feba Pakistan, is working to establish local Christian partnerships to lead community FM projects that interact, inform and educate local communities on subjects that matter to them, from a Christian perspective. The programmes bring life-transforming messages and hope to communities, as well as help reduce fear in a tense environment.

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THURSDAY 1st February

Give thanks for the impact of the individual FM projects in Pakistan and how they are influencing people in their everyday lives. One listener, who has been listening for three years, says that he is impressed with the way the programmes are guiding people in how to live. He wants to do the same and help people in the same way so that they understand how to live a good life in every way.

FRIDAY 2nd February 

Please pray for the recruitment of a new worker to lead the FM project. The role is to encourage the development of sustainable, local, Christian partnerships which include churches and Christian service providers. There are currently three active Christian-led local radio partnerships, but Feba Pakistan hope, this year, to support a new Christian partnership in a new area of Pakistan.

SATURDAY 3rd February

Give thanks for the partners that are involved and pray for the listeners of these different local programmes, that they will see and seek transformation in their lives.  Also, give thanks that because of these local community based programmes, Christians are now being recognised and valued as part of the community, which is not always typical in this context.