We are always joyful when we hear of listeners deciding to become followers of Jesus. It can be a courageous decision that takes many believers a long time to make. Please join us in prayer for them this week.

This is the third week of Advent.  For Advent Reflections on Yemen with Bible verses and devotional thought, see our Advent Reflection - JOY. 

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SUNDAY 11th December

Give thanks for listeners who have decided to become Christians, sometimes going against family, cultural, political and majority religion influences. Pray that they would grow in their faith.

MONDAY 12th December

Ask God to give new believers wisdom in how to live out their faith in places where they face great pressure and discrimination.

TUESDAY 13th December

Pray for programme producers as they deliver content to teach and encourage new believers. Pray that they might give ‘a word in season’ – messages that are just right for those listening.

WEDNESDAY 14th December

Pray for those who are interested in Jesus but face many obstacles in finding out more. Pray for their security as they contact follow-up workers.

THURSDAY 15th December

Remember new believers who are isolated and living in challenging situations. Give thanks for the radio programmes which encourage them in their new faith in Jesus.

FRIDAY 16th December

Thank God for the project follow-up workers who share with listeners over the phone or online. Ask God to give them sensitivity and empathy as they speak to callers.

SATURDAY 17th December

Pray that the transformation in the lives of new believers would be a great witness to family and communities.