Feba India has a highly diverse ministry, reaching different target audiences all over the country.

In the North of the country Feba India’s projects broadcast very practical on-air conversations and messages, while the off-air workers are ready with caring ears to answer phones. They also give extra time to go and meet groups of listeners, working with them to address their felt needs and to introduce them to Jesus if the time is right.

This Sunday marks the second week of Advent.  Each week we have a selection of Bible verses and devotional thought on our projects and this week our focus is on India.  
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SUNDAY 4th December

Feba India held a vital training event for a local team in Haridwar at the end of September. Give thanks for this and pray that this training will have a significant impact on the local team’s work.

MONDAY 5th December

Pray for the team in Haridwar as they aim to share the gospel with 200 listeners who are currently in contact with them. Ask that God will lend power to their words.

TUESDAY 6th December

Many listeners from Bijnour and Pauri are located remotely in the mountains, making it difficult to meet with them. Please pray for Feba India as they explore ways to physically meet with these listeners.

WEDNESDAY 7th December

Praise God for the listeners’ conferences and seekers’ conferences organised by the Udaan team. In the first six months of this year, around 220 people attended such events; 31 of these became Christians and 19 asked to be baptised!

THURSDAY 8th December

Please pray for the Women’s Initiative in West Bengal. In the next year they plan to put new efforts into seeking improved health and safety of women still living in the red light areas, encouraging regular contact with health workers and promoting practices that protect sex workers’ children.

FRIDAY 9th December

The programmes produced by the local team in Jaipur are well accepted by the listeners and are drawing increased numbers of responses. Pray for this fresh, new production team; that their creativity and production skills will continue to grow.

SATURDAY 10th December

Feba India’s ministry is creative, powerful and highly diverse. This is something to be celebrated. But the individual projects are scattered across the country making it difficult for the team members to meet for prayer and training. Pray for a strong sense of unity and mutual support, nonetheless.