Voice of Egypt 

Our partner in Egypt broadcasts to a highly disparate audience, aiming to promote peace and mutual understanding in their community. Christians, conservative Muslims and people of all political standpoints are hearing a message of God’s love and receiving it gladly.

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SUNDAY 27th December

The *Voice of Egypt station manager, *Basma, gave birth to a healthy baby girl at the end of July. Praise and thank God for this precious new life, and pray for Basma and her family during the first few special months of their baby's life.

MONDAY 28th December

Please pray for the Voice of Egypt team as they continue production and adjust to a different way of operating during Basma’s maternity leave.

TUESDAY 29th December

Listeners recently told the Voice of Egypt team that they value their neutrality and feel loved, not judged, when they speak to the team about issues which matter to them. Thank God that the team are so effective in building bridges with their listeners.

WEDNESDAY 30th December

The team often have very deep conversations with listeners about spiritual matters. Please pray specifically for two listeners, *Mahmoud and *Mohammed, both of whom have recently had long conversations with team members. Pray they will soon discover God's love for them.

THURSDAY 31st December

A harsh new anti-terror law came into effect in August, threatening severe punishments for any media outlet which contradicts the government in its programming. Pray this new measure will not limit Voice of Egypt’s work.

FRIDAY 1st January

There is still a great deal of political tension in Egypt, particularly between the government and Islamic extremists. Pray that in this new year, God will bring a just peace and stability to the country.

SATURDAY 2nd January

Pray for Voice of Egypt to be instrumental in bringing a culture of acceptance and forgiveness among young people, and that this will make a tangible difference in the community as a whole.