Our partner, Gaweylon, broadcasts to Tibetan listeners in India, Nepal and Bhutan, combining educational and health-based programming with biblical material. The station is widely acknowledged as both authentically Christian and authentically Tibetan.


Sign: Gaweylon Centre, Old Rajpur

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SUNDAY 25th December

Merry Christmas! Today, let’s pray that the joy of knowing ‘God with us’ will spill over from Gaweylon’s broadcasts and inspire its many listeners.

MONDAY 26th December

The team recently wrote to over 500 listeners. Pray that they will be able to reconnect with listeners who have not been in contact recently, and that their programmes will bring hope to many.

TUESDAY 27th December

Gaweylon organised a major distribution of literature and CDs in the Autumn. Please pray that, in the wake of this, more people will tune in to the station’s broadcasts, and show interest in the content.

WEDNESDAY 28th December

Pray for the Gaweylon team in their work with Tibetans local to the station. Ask God to speak his welcome, acceptance and hope through the team.

THURSDAY 29th December

Please pray for the right people to join the team at  Gaweylon and build up the resources available.

FRIDAY 30th December

Pray for the Gaweylon team . Pray that they will end this year and start the new one with a sense of hope, joy and expectation at what they will see God do.

SATURDAY 31st December

Give thanks for Gaweylon’s programmes on health, nutrition and lifestyle issues. Pray that these will continue to address subjects which really matter to the audience, and contribute to the physical, social and spiritual wellbeing of Tibetan communities.