Feba has two projects in DRC – Mungongo ya Mwana engages street-living children in Kinshasa, and Umoja FM is a new project, aiming to transform communities in an eastern area of the country. This week, we pray for both projects...

This is the fourth week of Advent.  For Advent Reflections with Bible verses and devotional thought, see our Advent Reflection - PEACE. 

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SUNDAY 18th December

Please remember Mungongo Ya Mwana in prayer. This project engages street-living children in Kinshasa, mentoring them, teaching them radio production skills and enabling them to speak into issues which affect them, their peers and the wider community.

MONDAY 19th December

There is a widespread stigma against children living on the streets. People assume they are thieves, witches or worse and tend to either ignore them or actively abuse them. Pray that, through Mungongo ya Mwana, this stigma will be challenged.

TUESDAY 20th December

Pray that Kinshasa’s street children will be healed from the traumas they have experienced and be protected, especially for the girls, many of whom face sexual violence or end up in prostitution from a young age.

WEDNESDAY 21st December

Pray for our partner, the Children’s Radio Foundation, as they seek ways to engage street-living young people and enable them to tell their stories. Pray that the young people will come to feel valued and discover hope for the future.

THURSDAY 22nd December

Umoja FM in eastern DRC has been operating for less than a year and is already doing very well. Please pray for the team as they put in place appropriate structures that draw on their strengths and ensure the long term success of the station.

FRIDAY 23rd December

Pray for Umoja FM’s recent technical and power problems, involving failing equipment. Pray for the team (and the Feba UK staff advising them) as they try to get to the bottom of these problems and resolve them with appropriate sustainable solutions.

SATURDAY 24th December

Finally, please pray for the DRC as there have been protests resulting in violence and fatalities around the presidential elections.

Photo: Sydelle Willow Smith