Feba works with local partner HDCS (Human Development and Community Services) in Nepal, in the CoRIN (Community Radio In Nepal) Project, with two radio stations both called Afno FM. The stations serve communities in Okaldhunga (east Nepal) and Dadeldhura (west Nepal), broadcasting programmes to help transform the quality of their lives.

SUNDAY 8th September

In many areas where the local team serve, people do not have much access to media, such as newspapers and television. Please join the team in giving thanks for the great opportunities that radio provides to communicate with people and reach them with the good news.

MONDAY 9th September

Please give thanks that the radio programmes are loved by many people and that the team receives many calls from listeners telling them that their lives have been changed. Please pray for God to give the team wisdom and inspiration to continue developing engaging and relevant programmes.

TUESDAY 10th September

It is becoming harder and harder to share the good news here, and people are scared too. Please pray for Nepal, that its people have open ears to hear the gospel, and that those called to share it are filled with courage.

WEDNESDAY 11th September

Please give thanks that even though it is increasingly difficult to share the gospel, radio is still able to reach people in most areas.

THURSDAY 12th September

A member of the team recently visited a prison in Okaldhunga, where he met a man who told him he had recently become a Christian and read the Bible daily. He also asked for a complete Bible (with both Old and New Testaments) to read. Please pray for this man and two other Christians that he mentioned, that they will be strengthened in their faith, and share their devotion to Jesus with others.

FRIDAY 13th September

The radio programmes provide a form of regular fellowship for people in prison. Please thank God that many listen to the programmes from the beginning to the end as the radio is their friend, a friend which speaks in their languages. Please pray that this leads to a strong friendship with Jesus.

SATURDAY 14th September

Please give thanks that by using radio, the team are able to reach people in prison with God’s Word and have the opportunity to live changed lives. Please pray that more prisoners will hear the gospel and respond by following Jesus.

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