One of our Central Asia partners is using radio on the internet to reach listeners. The programmes teach and encourage individual believers and house churches, as well as helping those wanting to find out about Jesus.

SUNDAY 4th November

Give thanks for new people joining the project. Please pray for them as they are trained in audio programme production. Pray that they would not only learn practical skills from the established team but would also learn more about faith and the Christian life.

MONDAY 5th November

Please pray for the programme producers who are nervous about security when people join or leave the team. They are aware that information about them and their work is entrusted to people who they may not know so well. Please pray for relationships of trust and discernment in sharing information.

TUESDAY 6th November

Please pray for the team as they produce engaging and relevant programme content. Pray that they would have wisdom and insight in knowing what topics to address and how to present them in an interesting way. Pray especially as the topical and ethical issues covered often challenge the accepted views and behaviour of the culture.

WEDNESDAY 7th November

There are those who threaten and try to intimidate the team, listeners and those who want to explore the Christian faith more deeply. Please pray for the security of the project; pray for wisdom and protection, help and courage for those affected by this today.

THURSDAY 8th November

Networks of believers listen to the radio programmes and meet together to discuss what they have heard. Pray for protection over this time of fellowship and learning, and that they would grow in confidence and faith as they share together.

FRIDAY 9th November

Please pray for those in government to relax restrictions on Christian activity. Pray that they would be more open to explore matters of faith and to create a more tolerant environment rather than one of fear and suppression.

SATURDAY 10th November

Please pray for the members of the local churches who can be isolated or distanced from each other because of security reasons. This can create tension between believers. Please pray for relationships of trust to develop and be protected.