A Feba UK partner in Central Asia has a network of FM stations and is committed to communicating life-changing information (particularly focusing on family life) so that listeners can develop a positive and godly lifestyle. This region is predominantly Muslim and there are many areas where Christians face persecution and often severe penalties for sharing their faith.

SUNDAY 16th June

The hard control on all religious activity from the government is increasing and the team has to be careful in all that it does. Their security level is currently ‘red’ – the next colour is ‘orange’, which means extremely dangerous. Please pray about all the organisations (including the police) which harass and punish local Christians. Please pray that they will stay away from our partner’s projects, office, team members and activity. Pray that the organisations will be ‘blind’ and not see them.

MONDAY 17th June

Please pray that the summer weather will not bring extreme heat. During periods of very high temperatures, everyone uses their air-conditioning systems. These are all very old and overload the power supply - causing regular power shutdowns, high voltage ‘jumps’ and other problems that can affect the equipment and disrupt our partner’s activity.

TUESDAY 18th June

Working in areas where it is not safe to be a Christian places the team under permanent pressure and stress. Under these conditions people get nervous all the time and there is a real danger of paranoia. People become afraid of the doorbell and even break off contact with friends who start to ask additional questions. Please pray for all members of the team – for their emotional comfort, safety, patience and peace.


It is too dangerous for the feedback and follow up team to meet members of their audience face-to-face so they use a variety of communications tools, such as online chat services and e-mails. Please pray that their communication with listeners becomes deeper and more regular.

THURSDAY 20th June

There are a growing number of small fellowships in different parts of the region. These small home groups started up as a consequence of the radio programmes. They come together, worship God and study the Bible with the help of the radio. Please pray for the security of their members, for them to grow stronger in their faith, for their families to be safe and for the security of the houses where they meet to have fellowship.

FRIDAY 21st June

The team has representatives in various areas across the region. These people are highly trusted and work hard in places where the local culture can be quite different from that of the core team’s listeners. Their work is vital as they hold the communication between local groups and the main project, co-ordinating people and providing information. Please pray that their work and activity bears fruit, and that they are kept safe.

SATURDAY 22nd June

The quality and accessibility of medical care in this region is very poor and the climate is very hard, with extremes of hot and cold throughout the year. Food hygiene is also poor and it is better not to drink the tap water. These and many other factors contribute to a highly unhealthy environment, plagued with health issues which include high blood pressure, lung diseases and hormone problems. Please pray that the team remain in good health.