One of our Central Asia partners is using radio on the internet to reach listeners. The programmes teach and encourage individual believers and house churches, as well as helping those wanting to find out about Jesus.

FRIDAY 1st March

Please pray for the team as they develop mobile apps for the projects. The apps are currently available for Android devices but need to be produced for Apple devices. This is complicated but important as it will help increase their audience.

SATURDAY 2nd March

Please continue to pray for the security surrounding this project. Give thanks for God’s protection so far and pray for the office and team members.

SUNDAY 3rd March

The team live with very high risk through their involvement with the project, which is very draining making them tired and nervous. Please pray for renewed strength and good health – both physical and emotional.

MONDAY 4th March

The team need inspiration and creativity to be able to produce a flow of programme content that is fresh and engaging for their audiences. Please pray for them.

TUESDAY 5th March

Give thanks for the listeners who are visiting the website and/or using the mobile apps to access programmes and resources online. Many lives are being changed and believers strengthened in their faith through the help and support of the resources they find there.


Please pray for the government and those who pass and uphold legislation which restricts Christian expression and freedoms. Pray for a softer approach and a more tolerant attitude towards Christians in their local communities.

THURSDAY 7th March

Please pray for those who threaten and abuse believers. Pray that they would be attracted to the attitudes and values that are expressed through the normal, daily lives of those who follow Jesus Christ. May they take time to pause and reflect on what they are really fighting against.

FRIDAY 8th March

Give thanks for the growing access to the internet and use of mobile phones in this area. Thank God that people are able to be informed via the internet and pray for those who are accessing the radio programmes in this way.

SATURDAY 9th March

Please pray for listeners as they hear programmes discussing ideas and issues that may be unfamiliar to them and challenge their thinking. Pray that they would be open to new approaches.