Feba UK is partnering with a new project in an area of Central Asia. Our new partner has a network of FM stations and is committed to communicating life-changing information, particularly focusing on family life, so that listeners can develop a positive and godly lifestyle.

FRIDAY 1st February

In this former Soviet State kidnapping brides still prevails, with some statistics indicating around 15,000 cases a year – some consensual (agreed to avoid the cost of a wedding), some not. Please pray for wisdom for our partner as they consider ways of challenging this practice and addressing the problems surrounding it.

SATURDAY 2nd February

The government of this area is bringing in laws to help address extreme religious attitudes and limit their activities. Unfortunately Christians are being affected negatively by these laws. Please pray for balance and wisdom in the establishing, wording and application of these laws.

SUNDAY 3rd February

Give thanks for the programme production staff. Please pray that their programmes would have a godly and positive impact despite the difficult and unstable political situation in which listeners live.

MONDAY 4th February

Please pray for *X, a young Christian living within the broadcast range of one of the FM stations, who was badly beaten for his faith. This has become known across a wider area provoking some discussion. Please pray that this will provide opportunities for healing and mutual understanding between faiths to develop.

TUESDAY 5th February

Please pray for women who face the common problem of domestic violence. Give thanks that, as the FM stations broadcast programmes on this subject, people are acknowledging their problems and indicating a willingness to change.

WEDNESDAY 6th February

The talk-show hosts are touching thousands of lives with life-giving information. Please pray for daily encouragement and wisdom for them as they bring positive messages of hope and life.

THURSDAY 7th February

Please pray for the listeners who are attracted to the programmes and interested in Jesus. Pray for them as they can be discouraged and sometimes persecuted by family members.

FRIDAY 8th February

Give thanks for our new partner and pray for them as they look to add another two FM stations to their network. If this goes ahead they hope to cover at least 50% of the entire population by FM radio by 2020.

SATURDAY 9th February

Give thanks that Feba UK has been able to financially support the production of a new weekly programme aimed at addressing issues in family life, including domestic abuse, for the whole of 2019. Please pray for a good response from listeners and that they would be helped by what they hear.